Thursday, July 28, 2016

Historic Nomination of Hillary Clinton Underscored by Donald Trump's Misogyny

By Professor Jessica Levinson

Elections should be about ideological differences. Liberals and conservatives, or Democrats and Republicans, tend to have different worldviews. Most people agree on a few broad and fundamental premises. We just do not agree on how to get there. This election cycle is different.

This is a battle between the first female nominee of a major political party and the first nominee of a major political party who lacks any time in public office or military experience. This is a battle between equality versus discrimination. About tolerance versus intolerance.

The importance of Hillary Clinton's historic nomination as the first nominee of a major political party is underscored by the distressingly misogynistic comments coming from Donald J. Trump.

Unfortunately, in this historic election, the outcome will be decided by voters who are weighing in against one of the two leading candidates. As we have seen in the conventions, the candidates are not only trying to energize their supporters and get them to the polls, they are trying to convince undecided voters to vote against their opponent.

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