Friday, December 20, 2019

Sen. McConnell's Actions Could Make Him Trump's Accomplice

The implementation of Senator Mitch McConnell’s apparent decision to not allow witnesses during the Senate’s impeachment “trial” of President Trump would be tantamount to his becoming an accomplice and arguably co-conspirator to “Obstruction of Congress” charged in Article2 of the Impeachment itself.   

Article 2, similar to an allegation once raised against Richard Nixon, alleges that the sitting president, in addition to refusing to provide properly subpoenaed documents, intentionally discouraged and obstructed witnesses from providing material information and testimony to a legitimate congressional investigation of whether that president attempted to extort (and sought to bribe) a foreign government in order to obtain their assistance in defaming a potential presidential opponent.  

Senator McConnell's refusal to allow material witnesses to be called in the Senate trial, while at the same time supporting a position that grounds for removal have not been established in the absence of information the very information these witnesses would testify to, would constitute aiding in the furtherance of the president’s obstruction of Congress. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in the face of Senator McConnell's continuing refusal allow witnesses to testify during a Senate trial, is simply refusing to cooperate in a continuing and unpresented and impeachable effort by the president to obstruct congress from properly investigating that president’s criminal abuse of his office.