Monday, June 6, 2011

Prof. Yxta Murray writes about Mark Zuckerberg's new kill-it-yourself diet

By Professor Yxta Maya Murray

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently emailed Fortune magazine with the news that this year he is undertaking a personal quest to eat only meat that he kills himself. As of this writing, he's reportedly axed a chicken, a pig, a goat, and -- in a particularly Woody Allenesque gesture -- a lobster, the last of which was "boiled alive."

Zuckerberg packages his slayage as a brand of gastronomical "gratitude" that is linked to whole-foodist-cum-low-carbon-footprinty aspirations. Most of the (acidic, hilarious) commentary has matched this reading of Z's "me kill, me eat" carnilosophy, and has taken him to task for being a bad vegetarian. Laurel Miller of Huffpost Food accuses Z of being a possibly unhinged throat-slasher of baby livestock. Lynn Crosbie of the Globe and Mail accuses him of "gross eco-crimes."

Read the complete piece at Zocalo.

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