Friday, April 24, 2020

Honoring Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

By Rajika Shah, Deputy Director, Center for the Study of Law & Genocide

Today marks Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. Our thoughts are with the victims of the Armenian Genocide and every genocide. They lost lives and livelihoods, families and friends, and every basic sense of security in this world—yet the survivors find ways to live again and thrive. The difficulties and disruptions they faced inspire us to persevere through our own challenges.

We are also concerned for all the fragile populations around the world who are at greatest risk of humanitarian catastrophe due to the global Covid-19 pandemic: those who live in conditions of violence, conflict, and political instability; those living in refugee camps and shelters; and those without the resources to care for themselves and their families.

You can view information on our Armenian Genocide Remembrance events and all our past events, including links to videos of the presentations, here.

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