Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Female Political Candidates Are Treated As Circus Freaks

By: Professor Jessica A. Levinson

This is an excerpt from an article by Professor Jessica A. Levinson on the San Francisco Chronicle

The message that these comparisons between Clinton and Fiorina send is clear — each side gets its one female candidate, no more, no fewer. It is all but understood that Clinton would not pick a female running mate. There would be no need, because we have already checked the gender box on her candidacy. Similarly, in the unlikely event that Fiorina were nominated for president, or chosen as a vice presidential candidate, it is all but assured that she would be the only female on that ticket.

Female candidates are therefore made into circus-like oddities. Come one, come all, and take a look at the women who want to be president. Let’s stop making female candidates circus freaks.

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