Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review publishes tribute to former Associate Dean David Leonard

The editors of the Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review decidated their new issue (43 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 711) to David P. Leonard, former associate dean for research, professor of law and William M. Rains Fellow at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. David passed away in Feburary 2010 as a result of complications related to cancer. The issue features tributes from his colleagues and co-authors. Below is an excerpt from Dean Victor Gold's contribution to the issue.

David's essence, reflected in his writings and in his acts, was compassion. David's illness did not dull his compassion, it made that compassion stronger. In fact, his empathic understanding of the suffering of others was deepened by his own pain. He was afraid to die, but he did not withdraw into himself out of that fear. He was sad at the prospect of leaving those he loved, but he did not allow sadness to steal from him the chance to use what little time there was left to help them. And he suffered physically these last years, but through all the surgeries and treatments and side effects, he neverlost his ability to think of others.

Instead, a year into his illness he eagerly embraced a new job as Associate Dean. He relished this job because it gave him a fresh chance to help others, solve problems, and make peace. David always lived the values about which he so often wrote and taught.

Read the complete "In Memoriam" selection of tribute essays.

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